Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dinner with Friends at Wauchula Family Restaurant

Another one of those places here in Wauchula that took us four years to visit.  As you drive south on US Highway 17, the Wauchula Family Restaurant is not the most welcoming site.    It is a very old building, and the entrance to the restaurant is actually in the back.   Like a few of the other restaurants here in this small town, it is family owned.  And like a few other restaurants the owners are Greek.

Above: (top) Hedy, Art, Nathan and Krystal, (bottom)  Donna, Rich, Diane and Buddy.     Very welcoming and cozy in side.  The food was great!  And it was nice just getting together  ONE MORE TIME, before we all head north for the summer.

After dinner, Rich went up to help Nathan tape the lines on the pickleball court to get it ready for a new coat of paint!  Krystal and I are scheduled for an afternoon of Mexican Train tomorrow.

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