Monday, May 20, 2013

We Arrive in Cocoa Beach

On Sunday we left Wauchula just after 10:30 am.  A quick stop at the Post Office and then to Paul's Kitchen for some breakfast before we hit the road.  One more stop for gas and we were on our way............

It was just after 1:00 as we passed through Merritt Island and got a glimpse of the cruise ships docked at Port Canavaral.

From here it's just a quick drive to the Ocean Landing Resort located on North Atlantic Avenue (A1A) in Cocoa Beach.   We come here most every year in May, and every year the place seems to look better and better.   Pictured below is (top left) the picnic area.  There a lots of gas grills and picnic tables under cover and actually there is a kitchen here where you can use the ovens or stoves at any time.  Top right is the Terrace Pool.  If it's real crowded here, you may find some kids, but for the most part it's primarily adults.   Bottom left is the  main pool area where you find most of your families.  There a great hot tub and a snack bar that serves some pretty good food and drinks.  And .... yes Rich actually caught a picture of me - sitting on the balcony doing my Killer Sudoku!

When we arrived there was a huge car show at the Resort next door and the the Annual Space Coast Super Bowl Grand Prix was already underway  in Cocoa Beach, with the path of the boats passing right behind Ocean Landings.  We skipped the car show but did wander out to the beach to watch a little of the race.  There was a lot of people on the beach, and according to the local news thousands of people were out here this weekend for the race. 

The Anacapri Pizzeria is about a 10 minute walk from the Resort, so on Sunday evening we walked there for dinner.  Rich has been talking about this place for a couple of weeks now,  and so finally he was able to order his Stromboli.  These are some of the best we've had and they are HUGE.  This is a small........... Rich finished his - but 1/2 of mine is still in the fridge.    Monday evening we drove to a new Mexican Restaurant....La Fiesta and it too was very good.  Rich opted for the Beef Burrito with beans and rice and I ordered the Chicken Fajita.  Too much for me to finish, so Rich helped me out!  

We made a quick stop at ABC Liquor  and then the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading back.  About 7:00pm we went for a nice walk on the beach for about an hour.   It was very overcast tonight, but we were very surprised to see only about a handful of people out.  A bird wading in the water and two helicopters overhead was about the only thing we saw.  On the way back the sky was getting a little darker and you could see out across the ocean where it was raining in the distance.   It was a great night, a slight breeze; perfect for a walk.

We are enjoying our stay so far.  Tomorrow we'll probably cook out, and then music is scheduled tomorrw night at the Terrace Pool. 

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