Sunday, May 12, 2013

More News from the Family............On Mother's Day

This time of year is always busy with Dennis and the family.  We hate being so far away, but at least we can stay in touch through photos..... .  Not hard to tell how very proud we are of this family!

 Happy Mother's Day goes out today too to our lovely daughter-in-law and super Mom, Crystal!   Rich and I spent the day with our friends Nick and Tonyia in Sebring, and dined at the Tower Restaurant in Lake Placid where we had a great meal.  The highlight of the day of course, was the phone call from Dennis wishing me a Happy Mother's he does every year.  Love Him!!

Below are pictures of the Iowa High School Music Association Large Group Festival with Dalton (Davenport West High School) at the Bettendorf High School this month.   Dalton is in the marching band and orchestra and enjoys it very much.

Then it's time to put away the suite and tie and the musical instruments and pull out the baseball gear!  The recent flooding in Davenport Iowa  delayed the start of the baseball season for Dalton, but FINALLY the boys were able to take to the field.  Below are pictures of  the 2013 Opening Ceremonies (group picture), and of  his very first game. Go Hollingsworth!   

Yes - Dad gets in the pictures too!  Dennis joins the team as one of the Coaches!
Dalton played the Catcher position at this game, but will be pitching the next!

Last year we watched as Dalton got his permit and was learning to drive.  And now, just a year later, Chauna is old enough to take the driver's seat.  Dennis went with her for her very first practice earlier this month at the fairgrounds at the  Mississippi Valley Fair.........    Below is a picture of Chauna behind the wheel...  Dennis  did a video of her first time out..........  She really does not look old enough  
to be doing this!!!!

to be

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