Monday, August 5, 2013

Another fun day at The Villages

I was sure that Krystal would suggest pickleball this morning.  Since we always do line dancing on Thursdays at Laurel Manor, I was surprised, but pleased when she suggested we try line dancing today at Colony College.  

For her that means driving from the most northern part of the Villages to almost the farthest south!  I took the camera with me - because we had not yet been to this Recreation Center. Colony College is one of the Regional Rec Centers.

Line dancing started at noon today, so we arrived about 11:35.   We've learned that you need to arrive early, because it fills up fast.  Good thing.......  As you can see below - the line was pretty long; folks heading for the dance floor!

Even this early - there was no way we'd get a spot up close to the stage near the instructor.  We were about 6-8 rows back about the middle of the room - with about that many more rows of people behind us.   People had their water bottles or bags on the floor to hold their spot, so we did the same and wandered around the center. 
Like all the other recreation centers, this one was so beautiful inside.   Beautifully decorated right down to the perfect lamps!  Here a few of the pictures I snapped. 

Back to the room for dancing.... This is a typical group for "beginner line dancing"???


We danced until after 2:00 which is pretty good.  The dances pregress from beginner, to beginner plus to intermediate!  So we are pretty proud of our success.  We'll be dancing on the town square, showing off our skills before we know it!

Neither of us had eaten any lunch, and we were sweaty and hungry and thirsty!  So we headed to Subway and relaxed over a 6 inch sub and a cold drink.  

From there we decided to take a ride down a little further south to the newest, still under construction, town center.  South of county road 466A, The Villeges is now building out their final section.  

Below are some pictures of the newest town center, Brownwood Paddock Square, built to remind you of an early century Florida cattle town.  And like evetything else in The Villages - it is expertly done.    

Only a few of the restaurants and  stores are open now but each night on the Square residents and visitors show up for shopping, dining, live music and dancing!
Below are some more pictures that show the stage where the band plays each night and the outstanding and unique detail put into the construction of the town square. 

A few more 

Anyway - we both took a lot of pictures, and leisurely walked the square. 
Another fun day in The Villages!

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