Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friends Visiting Friends, Visiting With Friends!

Nick and Tonyia were supposed to arrive Friday afternoon.  But afternoon turned into evening, and evening turned into Friday night!  They finally arrived somewhere near 10:30 pm, and it was well after midnight before we all called it a day.

Saturday morning coffee was followed by the first game of Mexican Train for Tonyia and I, and the guys took off for the Chrome Shop over near Wildwood. We grabbed a quick lunch before heading for BUNCO at the Mulberry Rec Center.  Tonyia and I were supposed to meet up with Krystal.........BUT - Krystal had to bail out to help Nate and I forgot to pick up Villages Passes for Nick and Tonyia.  Without a pass, Tonyia would not be allowed in to play - and  unfortunately passes have to be processed before 12:00 on Saturday.

 So....back to the house where she and I resumed our Bunco game and played until after 4:30.

Nate and Krystal had invited the four of us to Dinner and Game Night at their place. We arrived there about 5:00.....and it was the beginning of a very fun filled visit.   Nate and Krystal are staying here in The Villages for the summer - so we've been spending a lot of time with them, but they had not seen Nick and Tonyia  since April or May when they left Peace River.  So it was a little socializing and catching up on what's been going on.

Below, Bartender Nate kicks off the evening with our FIRST batch of Frozen White Russians!   Sorry Nate - the tips  certainly did not convey our appreciation of your great talent tonight!  Don't they look wonderful?

And the FOUR Ladies pose for their photo. Tonyia, Donna, Krystal and Miss Ava!

  Dinner Time:  Not only was Nate our Head Bartender tonight - he definitely deserved the title of Master Chef!    The Chicken Fajitas were excellent!

Time to clear the dishes, whip up that second batch of White Russians and settle in  for game night.  Tonight, Nick and Rich and I learned how to play Phase 10.  Beginners luck - Nick was the winner!

It was after 10:00 when we called it a night and headed home.  Nate and Krystal - always the perfect host and hostess - we thank you for such  a great night!

But the night was not yet over.  Back at our place, Nick and Rich watched a little TV while Tonyia and I headed for the kitchen table for ONE MORE game of Mexican.  We decided to call it a night......Rich had already gone to bed, Nick was sound to sleep on the couch.  About 12:30 we covered Nick with a blanket, turned off the lights and called it a day.

Before Nick and Tonyia headed back to Sebring, the six of us met up one more time this morning for breakfast at Golden Corral.   Sorry Nick - the waitress only snapped one picture!

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