Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to Bunco at Bacall

Krystal and I usually get together to do something almost every day...but this week I really let her down.   We started out great, with line dancing on Monday and a trip to the new Brownwood Town Square.   We talked about a day trip over to Homasassa or Dunellin to a few of the state parks.   I think I made it up to Mulberry for pickleball one morning???

But Rich and I started looking at some properties here.  We have discussed it so many times, but just can not commit to living here year/round.  We elected to look over in the Orange Bloossom Village, which is the "historic" section of The Villages.......the modular home section.   So on Wednesday we looked at about 6 properties, and then another 5 or 6 on Thursday. We've narrowed it down to two!   We may still keep an annual site at the RV Park........but we are thinking of upgrading to a bigger 5th wheel for the winter months.  

But I was able to finally meet up with Krystal on Friday.    Both of us seem to be making one excuse or another for not getting up in the morning for pickleball..... but we did make it back to the Bacall Recreation Center for Bunco on Friday afternoon.

Oh my!!  Is that Krystal with Humphrey Bogart?

All of the recreation centers here have a different theme.  This one is represents the American Film Industry........  right down to the wall paper.   One of the smaller of the recreation centers, but I did find a video of both the inside and outside which is really very nice!  Krystal won today on the lucky combination of 15 and 15.   Good Job Krystal
CLICK HERE to watch the video. 

On Saturday morning I met Krystal at Mulberry Recreation Center for pickleball.   Our plans were to go to Bunco at Seabreeze in the afternoon - but we needed to make plans for a second visit to the properties we were interested in.  

Tomorrow -Sunday - Rich has his Dunkin Donut visit around 11:00 am, Pickleball at 12:30 and then we are celebrating Nate and Krystal's anniversary with dinner at the Havana Country Club tomorrow evening.............

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