Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday - Re -visit Potential Properties - Stromboli for Diner

Saturday morning I managed to get up very early and meet Krystal at Mulberry Recreation Center for pickleball.  Such a really nice group of people.  There were four courts on our side going with about 10-12 people waiting to play.   Nathan was playing on the adjacent courts with the "better than Krystal and I players".

Our plans, once again was to go to Bunco at Seabreeze this afternoon - but we had to do a second visit to the two potential properties that we are considering buying, so I had to cancel the Bunco playing.  We did look at the two properties, but we still are undecided as to which one to buy.  We really like the inside ( new stainless steel appliances, beautifully furnished) of one, the outside ( great view from the bay window/patio and a great breezway and golf cart garage) of the other.  We will make a decision ----- I am sure!!!

Can't wait until tomorrow.  We are having dinner at the Havanna CountryClub to celebrate Nate and Krystal's Anniversary and then getting together at their place for some fun and games!!!

Tonight, after our revisit to potential properties, Rich and I fixed dinner together.  We made stromboli..... They really do look delicious............and they tasted wonderful!

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