Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pickleball and Bunco Today

This morning we were up early and ready for our morning exercise.   Today I drove up to the northernmost section of The Villages to pick up Krystal about 7:30 and then head over to the Mulberry pickleball courts.   They have eight courts here and the better players share four of the courts, while the "recreational" players have fun on the other four.  Nathan was playing with the better players while Krystal and I chose the recreational side.  Not sure why - she has really improved her game, especially after her afternoon clinic with Coach Mo.  We were back home before 10:00.  Enough time to grab some breakfast, shower and be ready to head back out.

Around noon, Rich took off for his afternoon pickleball fix up at the LaHacienda Recreation Center, while Krystal and I headed south to Seabreeze for Bunco.

There was a really nice crowd out this afternoon for Bunco, I think I counted 102 players.   Someone walked in front of the camera - but I almost got Krystal in the photo.

A very roudy group today.........and we had a great time.  Neither of us were big winner today, but  I won one of the $10 drawings, and shared the lucky combo winnings with eight other players for $9 more. ( I had 13 wins and 17 losses).

I'm trying to get pictures from each of the Recreation Centers that we visit this year, so before we left for home, I got some pictures from the inside of the Seabreeze Center.

Like all the other centers, this one is really beautiful.  I also found a video of this recreation center, which, while it shows some of these same pictures, it also shows the fitness center, meeting room, pool, beach volleyball court and the tennis, paddle tennis, handball, picknic and pickleball courts.

CLICK HERE to view the video

This really is like living in paradise..........the only thing we have not found here is a fresh water lake for fishing!

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