Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another day of games and fishing.........

It was a last minute, late Friday evening, decision that Nick and Tonyia and Rich and I would get together on Saturday.  Rich and I had originally planned on going out fishing, and so had Nick and Tonyia (seperately).   We had also made plans to get together sometime over the weekend to go out for dinner.   And Tonyia and I had not had a chance to get together to play some Mexican Train in a long while.

So we agreed to pick up some shiners and worms, if they stopped at McDonalds for breakfast on their way Saturday morning.  They arrived about 8:45 and by nine the guys had left in the boat, with drinks and lunch packed in the coolers and Rich with his thermos of COFFEE.

Tonyia and I took the radio to the back lanai and turned up the Country station.

 By the time the guys finally made it back home we had finished the pot of coffee, had lunch/snacks, Tonyia finished her White Russian and we had played 3 games of Mexican Train and 3 or 4 games of SkipBo.

Nick kept us updated on how many fish they'd caught and sent pictures of the "big ones!"

 It was after 3:00 when they returned.  The biggest catch of the day was the TURTLE that Rich managed to pull in, and a nice Bass( 16 1/2 inches long and just uder 2 lbs).

In all they caught 2 bass and 7 pan fish. (One real nice bluegill, and  the rest either crappie or shell cracker).  Nick put another shiner on the hook and fished off the dock while Rich was cleaning the catch of the day.  And Nick caught another bass, around 14 inches........but put it back to get bigger. 

They guys were really tired.  Not surprising after sitting in the sun all day.  And they were hungry.  No place fancy tonight.  We just drove down to Coz's Sports Bar at th Bowlong Alley, here in Lake Placid for a quick bite.  Rich ate a WHOLE medium pizza by himself, and Nick a huge burger and fries.  Tonyia opted for the grilled cheese and bacon and a huge dish of chile, and I had the philly steak sandwich.  Very very good~
Nick and Tonyia headed home after dinner.  Rich managed to watch TV for a little while - but the lights were out early!

Sunday morning there were 4 shiners left in the minnow bucket. 

So Rich and I just went out on the dock and fished for about an hour an a half. 

The bait was soon gone - but not before Rich pulled in a bass.  It was about the same size as the one Nick had caught the day before.   And he threw this one back to grow a bit bigger too!  

Then it was time for breakfast!  Rich did the oatmeal. I did the toast. 

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