Saturday, March 15, 2014

The past week at home..............

Not a lot going on this past week.  We are trying to get someone to come in and replace some of the vinyl weather stripping on our sliders.  Need to have that done before we have the tinting redone.  These are very old windows, so Lake Placid Glass and Mirror is having a difficult time fining the right vinyl.  We've already got Ryan Sellers, the owner.operator of Sun  Shield Tinting ready to begin - but we need to have the vinyl stripping replaced first!

In the meantime another Blue Heron has come to visit.  He is quite a bit smaller than our other visitor, but he does seem to enjoy our yard.

This week I also got to put my "gardening" skills to work.  I have never been one that could keep household plants alive and beautiful, but I love floral arrangements and real plants in the house.  I really don't know one plant from the other, but we had this very pretty green wispy plant in the sun room, that, this week literally outgrew it pot.  Rich and I were sitting on the lanai when we heard a strange noise from inside, and later found that the ceramic pot that this plant was in actually broke in four pieces.  It was off to Lowe's to get a new pot and potting mix and I re potted an indoor plant for the very first time!  It looks great - and it is getting soooooooooo big~

This week also brought us both good news and bad. 

GOOD NEWS  - Our friends Nate and Krystal have given up their life as gypsies ( only temporary, I'm sure) and bought a home in Myaka City, FL along with enough land to bring in and care for horses.  Check out their new place at Gypsies Tails and Trails

The BAD NEWS:  We had a phone call from our good friend Linda Bass.  She and husband Don were our neighbors in Wesley Chapel for several years and they are such good friends, we just about consider them family.  Linda reported that Don is in intensive care after suffering an attack that required CPR......He now has a fribulator (?) in his chest and is recovering with several broken ribs.  Our prayers go out to both of them.  Get Well Quickly Don........

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  1. The plant does look great! Hoping we get some blue Herons here too. So sad to hear the news of Don. Hoping he heals very quickly.