Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rich's Current Project

Well, I'm calling this "Rich's" new project, but it was actually me who asked Rich to take this one on. He did such a great job on the TV/Entertainment Center/ Electric Fireplace that I thought I'd ask him to take on this new task.

We have this one corner in the formal Living Room that needs "something".  I am in need of a desk, since I now use the kitchen

 We discussed several options and decided that we would build a bi-functional piece of furniture for this corner.  Rich will be building a Secretary desk.

This will not only function as a decorative piece of furniture, but I will also use it as my computer "work area".  What's nice is that when I am not using it - the front portion of the desk will close and "hide" the computer.

All of the furniture ( coffee table and end stands) are black in this room, so we will be making this the same color.  If I don't find a suitable chair that will serve as a "desk" chair as well as a functional piece of furniture in the room, then the chair will likely be the next project.

Rich and I talked about what I wanted the desk to look like and  he made up his drawing.

 Then it was a trip to Lowe's to pick up the lumber, hardware and paint.

Now, it will be a while before it's finished, since the only time Rich works on the construction is a few minutes during the day if/when he can break away from the stock market, in the evening if we haven't made other plans or on the weekend.

I know - that doesn't leave much time for fishing!!

The construction is well under way.  But first we made ONE MORE trip to Lowe's.  This time to purchase a small table saw.  He has been using his circular saw, which required a lot of sanding.  He really enjoys working with wood, and I can always find something for him to "enjoy", so it made sense to get him a "new toy"!

As you can see - the project area is the garage  and the driveway- so that means I'll always have something to do as well.  CLEAN!

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