Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Plans Cancelled

On Thursday the grand kids left Davenport, IA., by bus for a field trip/extended weekend in Florida.  As part of the DWHS Falcons Band they were scheduled to perform Saturday in Orlando.  On Friday they arrived in Cocoa Beach and spent the day there.  Saturday morning was their performance and the rest of the weekend to be spent enjoying the Disney Theme Parks.

Our plans were to meet up with them at their performance in Orlando.  Unfortunately, someone compromised our credit card once again.  This time we had a call from our credit card company that an individual used our card at a Publix store in West Palm Beach and a little later in Lake Worth, FL.  What is so strange is that they actually used a physical card............. Seems that now they not only can get your information, they can also make counterfeit cards!

So......... without the card for travel/room, etc. we needed to cancel our plans.    This is a little of what we missed!  Our grand daughter Chauna performing.

We took a short trip down to Sebring instead on Saturday and helped our friends Nick and Tonyia move from Lake Josephine to Lake Glenada  in Avon Park.  Nick drove the bus, Rich the truck/towing the boat and I followed in the car.  The lake is not as big as Josephine, but it's about 3/4 mile long and 1/2 mile wide and covers about 197 acres.  Nice deep lake though, with depths ups to 38 ft.  They have a great site that faces the water, and I'm sure the will enjoy the fishing.   Flames restaurant is also located on Lake Glenada - so won't that be a nice stop after a day of fishing. We didn't stay long, since they had a lot of setting up to do, but did make a quick trip to McDonald's to get them some lunch before we left.   Can not believe I did not have my camera with me!!

Was just informed that the Kiddo's & DWHS band received the Superior rating with a Gold trophy ! Awesome & way to go Falcons! Congratulations! Now all play at the theme parks. Enjoy


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