Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Early to bed, Early to rise - makes a man healthy, wealthy..................

And Very Very Busy!!!

This has not been a real exciting week - but it has been a busy one.  

This is where Rich generally spends most of his days, Monday through Friday.  His trading platform open on the computer and  the CNBC channel on the TV.  But this week he did find a few more hours during the day than normal to sneak away..........

For me - this week was move the furniture week - to clean behind and under the sofas, dressers, beds etc.   I fertilized the flower beds and shrubs so it meant some extra watering each day.  

But - while making a trip into Sebring one evening for door hinges we did find time to enjoy dinner at the  Hibachi Grill.  Love their Mongolian grill!

When able to take a break, Rich made a good amount of progress on the building of my secretary desk.   It's still in pieces - but it's coming together very nicely.  It should be ready in a day or so for me to paint the inside before he does the final assembly.

Early to bed...... Early to rise............Also gives you time to sit enjoy the beauty of Florida's wildlife. 

This week a Anhinga found his comfort in our backyard, close to the water's edge.  These water birds  are easy to recognize with there very long sleek necks (perfect for finding their dinner).  You'll often see them - like in this picture with their wings spread wide for drying.    And recently a paddle of ducks have made our yard and boathouse roof their home for several hours each day.   I got a real good close up of the ducks and was able to identify them as the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks  (Dendrocygna autumnalis).  The drake (male) and the female are very similar in appearance with red bills, pink feet, white wing patches and black bellies.  The head is brownish-gray.  Very much arboreal, they prefer to nest in natural tree cavities but I read that they will readily use nest boxes....  Maybe it was our nesting box in the yard that attracted them??

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