Friday, May 9, 2014

Enjoying friends and Mother Nature

It's been a while since we spent time with Nick and Tonyia, but last Saturday they invited us over for a cookout.  Had a great time.  The guys did there thing, while Tonyia and I played Mexican Train.  Two games; I won the first one - she won the second.  Nick did burgers with the works ( cheese, bacon, onion , lettuce, tomato).  I brought along a potato salad.  Guys had a beer.  Tonyia
and I a glass of wine.  We were the first to have dinner at their new park model.

Tonyia is making these twirling "things" to hand outside and I went home with one.  I LOVE it.  Have it hanging out back, and it not only looks great, it is keeping that annoying bird from pecking at our sliders every day!

She is making me one more for the front.  

On Monday - I had taken meat out of the freezer for dinner, but Nick called in the afternoon and asked if we could handle seeing them two days in a row.  They invited us to dinner at Red Lobster.  Actually they treated us to dinner as a thank you for helping them with the purchase of their new park model.  Dinner was EXCELLENT!  (Much better than what I had planned for home!)

The rest of the week was a series of doctor visits for both of us.  The annual check up and blood work!   A few recommendations from the doctor for both of us........and then the usual "follow-up visits before the end of the month.

This past week also brought some NEW visitors to our yard. We enjoy each and every morning,
sitting on the lanai, having our morning coffee.   And we are always amazed at the beauty of Mother Nature.    Well.............not so beautiful are the fresh water barnacles that have found a home on our boat house.  (fortunately NOT the boat).  Rich noticed these along the dock and the seawall.  I guess we are in store for some heavy duty scraping to get them off!

I'll leave that chore for Rich!

Throughout the week, we had some repeat visitors..........AND some new ones.    There is really no better entertainment.

The Black Bellied Whistling Ducks were back.........This time with quite a ruckus in the water!!

The Great Blue Heron...............perched atop our boathouse. 

This week was the first time that we saw any of Florida's Black Vultures.  But several of them found both ours and the neighbors yard a couple of days this week.   Can't believe I even managed to snap a picture of one of them "in flight"!

The Great Blue Heron and the White Ibis have been visitors to our backyard several times.  
But today was the first time that they both decided to visit us on the same day! 

Not only the same day.........but the same TIME of day.  One was walking in one direction, and the other in the opposite.  And they continued to walk until they actually passed......not looking in the other's direction!

An this week we had a NEW visitor.  The Limpkin.  According to All About Birds, the  Limpkin is: 
   An unusual bird of southern swamps and marshes, the Limpkin reaches the northern limits of its breeding range in Florida. There, it feeds almost exclusively on apple snails, which it extracts from their shells with its long bill. Its screaming cry is unmistakable and evocative.

And according to Wikepedia:  
This bird is easier to hear than see. Its common vocalization is a loud wild wail or scream[10][13] with some rattling quality, represented as "kwEEEeeer or klAAAar."[11] This call is most often given at night[13] and at dawn and dusk.[10] It has been used for jungle sound effects in Tarzan films[14] and for the hippogriff in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.[15] Other calls include "wooden clicking",[11] clucks,[13] and in alarm, a "piercing bihk, bihk...".[10]

And yes - we heard his scream!

We made plans to have Nate and Krystal visit us this weekend - but health issues, once again have prevented that from happening!!!!  We have not seen these two since we left The Villages, back in September, except to  babysit for Miss Ava one time.  Something always seems to prevent us from getting together...........and we really do miss spending time with them. 

This next week will be a few more doctor visits for us.......and then getting ready for our weekend in Dania (for Jai-Alai) and then on to Cocoa Beach for a week......... 

Our son is heading for San Juan, Puerto Rico for 4-5 days for work - so we'll keep an eye on Facebook pictures and updates!!!  

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