Sunday, February 1, 2015

Girlfriends, Boyfriends and First Dates!

Wow - The things that make you feel old!  Old, yes, but proud just the same. 

It was last May that we saw a picture of our grandson, Dalton, with his girlfriend. 

 She really is a cutie.  

Surprising how Dad's react when they meet their kids girl/boy friends.    Dennis (Dad) did not seem real surprise,  and posted on his face book page that they were "introduced to Dalton's girlfriend. 

A few days ago Dennis posted a few pictures of Chauna, our grand daughter on his face book page.   Not sure a cool, calm dad now............

Here is Chauna on her very first date. She and Ryan are going to the High Schoold Gala. 

And here is Dad's comment: 

The dance was cut short due to incoming snow storm but all are safe & had good time.  Inspection & interrogation complete.  Glad they enjoyed & looked good. 

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  1. LoL, Good article :). Yes, I guess it's about that time to keep on my toes nowadays :). Dalton & Sara are still together and now Chauna & Ryan. Chauna asked him to the dance as a "friend" a few weeks ago & he accepted & dance night he asked her to be boyfriend/girlfriend & she accepted .... Whew!!! But we did meet him for lunch a couple weeks ago to get to know him & make sure he knows us :) with hints hints ;). They all are great kids! All with 4.0 grades & super active. Sara does show choir, music, flags, etc & Ryan is wrestler, engineer focused, football, etc. I'll post a recent photo of Dalton & Sara on your FB that I didn't post on mine :). We miss & love you both!