Saturday, August 6, 2016

Donald Family HIghlights!

I am ashamed to say that I am so far behind in sharing those special moments,  happy days, celebrations, recognitions, accomplishments........about the family

First - going all the way back to early July when Dalton made the Iowa Hawkeye's Marching Band.   His dad, says it best:

"Proud is only one of many feelings for this moment!  You got mail Dalton....  it's official..... He Did it!!!!  He made the Iowa Hawkeye's Marching Band!!! Rah Rah!  OMG"

"Long story short that's been close hold, a couple weeks ago when he auditioned, he cut his playing hand finger on the music stand setting up for audition & still performed bleeding & overcame that setback & still nailed it!  Road trips for football games but halftime show it's ON!  Go Hawkeye's & Dalton.......Loves you Buddy!"

And on July 30th - my awesome daughter-in-law celebrated her birthday.  Happy Birthday Crystal!  Love and Hugs!  And that little tree is also celebrating - Crystal planted it two years ago, on her birthday!

Moving along to August 4th.  Dennis and Crystal celebrated their 26th Wedding Anniversary.  An awesome couple and super parents.  Love them to the moon!!!

And this year our beautiful grand-daughter is a senior in High School.  WOW... How quickly time passes.  Her Mom shared her senior pictures, taken recently by Aubrey Kall.  She did an amazing job!

That should bring everything up-to-date.......  So Blessed to have such a happy, smart, caring, beautiful family.

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