Saturday, August 6, 2016

Safe and Sound - Back Home

Well, the rest of the trip home was nothing exciting.  Our last stop on Tuesday evening was at the Econo Lodge in Brunswick, GA.    I will say that after staying at the Econo Lodge in SC last year, and then again in Hollywood, FL , I had booked this hotel all three nights coming home.  Very disappointing.

The young lady who checked us in at the first one was the worst I've seen.  Problem with not getting the room we booked; her response was to shrug her shoulders, and then to answer, "I don't know", when I had a question about the wifi!  Second one in,  Christiansburg, SC was a problem with the air conditioner.  It was SOOOOO loud, that we had to turn the TV up to 95 to hear it.  They let us move to another room.  That air-conditioner had only ONE setting  - very cold , even on the lowest setting and the low fan.  Needless to say it was a miserable night sleeping without the air!!! The third night in Brunswick - none of the outlets on the bedstand would work......

We hit the Florida/Georgia line early afternoon, and the only thing exciting that we saw was an accident on I-95 not far from Jacksonville.

Stopped for breakfast/lunch at Bob Evans, just outside Orlando, and then home around 2 in the afternoon.  It was a great site making that turn onto Heartland Rd, from 27 and seeing the lake - almost home.

The lawn was mowed, but the topiary in the front yard and all the palm trees
were in desperate need of trimming.  (Another day)    Lots of unpacking and putting stuff away and laundry to do..............and that took me a couple of days!  So, dinner on Wednesday was Chinese take-out!    But finally things were back to normal............ and the next two nights dinner was stuff that we had not made all the while we were gone.  I did a Chicken and Potato Bake on Thursday, and Rich made his pizza on Friday night.   And sleeping in our own bed was wonderful!

On Saturday we decided to see a movie, so headed to the B&B in Sebring where Hillary's America was playing.

Dinesh D'Souza, an immigrant from India, also wrote and produced the documentary "2016- Obama's America"  back in, I think, 2012.  While I personally did not think that this one was as well produced, the message was right on point.  This is a documentary that everyone should see before they vote this year, and more specifically those voting the Democratic ticket.  This was an excellent lesson on the history of the Democratic Party and their role/impact on minorities,  Indians, slaves, immigrants, woman's rights,  and radical racial groups ( KKK).  And it covered the life of the Clinton's  and their affiliations with people like Margaret Sanders, and the Clinton Foundation's role with Foreign countries.................Everyone in the audience clapped at the end of the movie after the playing of God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner.

It was pouring after the movie!!!!  After a short while, Rich waded in water, better than ankle deep,  to the car................ and picked me up at the front of the building - where I stayed very dry!


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