Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sunday - Some of the family get together ............

We had an absolutely wonderful time on Sunday at Harris Hill in Elmira, NY.  Brother Dave, on short notice contacted family members on facebook, and  booked a pavilion at Harris Hill Park in Elmira.   Somewhere between 20-25 of the "Benjamin" relatives joined for the day.  We had hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone brought a dish to pass, but the best time was just catching up with family members that we have not seen in years.

Below - Me with my nice Dawn Sewalt,  Rich with nephews and cousins, Brian Sutter, Jack Pelrah, Tim Benjamin/and son, Bill Bell and my Brother Dave.  Me and my baby brother,  and with my niece Tammy Sutter,  Rich  helping the guys with the fire, my niece, Cheryl Morgan Farr, Kathy Benjamin Bell, my cousin, Carol Benjamin Pelrah with me, Rich with brother Dave Benjamin, and cousin Bruce Thatcher.

Some more of the same people............and more neices/nephews, cousins, and even a few Great neices and nephews and their families.

A few more group shots...........

Feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with family.

You would think that we'd had enough to eat............but by about 7:00 we were feeling a bit hungry and ordered a medium pizza.  When we lived in Elmira, one of our very favorite places to go for pizza and subs was Pudgies Pizza.  We'd left the Elmira area in 1985, so we were surprised to see that this family owned store was still in business, and had expanded the number of their stores!   The pizza was as good as we remember.

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