Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The trip home..........

We were on the road early on Monday morning.  We'd called ahead to Light's Bake Shop and ordered a dozen coffee sticks.  Light's is another of those family owned businesses that are still open and doing well in the area.  Actually my mom had the wedding cake for Rich and I made here..........and I often stopped here to pick up coffee sticks for the people at work........... and to take them home for Rich..............Yes - this is only Tuesday and the WHOLE dozen is GONE!

We made our way through PA, Maryland, West Virginia and into Virginia, stopping in Christiansburg for the night.   And, I can not pass through Pennsylvania, or Virginia, or along the shores of Lake Norman in NC without taking a few pictures of the beauty of Mother Nature.

Had to share this picture of an accident and the backed up traffic in Virginia!

If ever you get to Christiansburg, VA you have to stop at a place called the Fatback Soul Shack!  Absolutely awesome.  Blues and Brews!!!!  And the food is great.  Rich had a beer and I had a freshly made Screwdriver.  We actually watched her cut and squeeze the fresh oranges!  And the people are so friendly.  The couple at the table next to us shared their bucket of pork rinds with us!!

Rich had the fried porkchops with hush puppies and french fries and gravy and slaw, and I ordered the popcorn shrimp with pups and slaw!    Sure wish we had one of these at home......Nick and Tonyia - you two would love this!

We were on the road early on Tuesday morning, and it was an uneventful ride. Arrived in Brunswick, GA mid afternoon.............and walked over to the Chinese Take out for dinner.  Should be on the road in the morning for the final leg of the trip - and arrive home early afternoon........ Sad to have this fun vacation come to an end.

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