Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A slow week ..........but enjoyed some time with friends.

Well  Dennis and the family headed out to dinner this week with Dalton's girlfriend, Sara, and Chauna's boyfriend, Ryan before Dalton heads off for collage.  This  family is so close, and does so much together, that I know it's going to be real difficult for Dennis and Crystal to  see Dalton leaving home.    And I'm sure that Miss Chauna will miss her brother, as well. 

As a member of the Iowa State, Hawkeye Marching Band, Dalton needed to head out a couple days early.  His good friend, who he is rooming with, and his girlfriend, Sara will be joining him  the following Thursday

Here's Dennis  at the University with Dalton, saying his "goodbyes"

Good Luck to you, Dalton...........Hang in there Dennis!!

As for Rich and I, this week has been pretty slow.  I had my follow-up with my Gastroenterologist - after my rotor rooter procedure.  All looks pretty good.  A couple of small pre cancerous polyps removed, and evidence of  Diverticulosis forming in the large intestine, so probably a good idea to maintain an even higher high fiber diet, so as to prevent diverticulitis!   They did not discover anything that may be causing the abdominal pain or back pain, but fortunately that has subsided significantly. 

Encountered some reception problems with the satellite for Direct TV, which required some cutting of tree branches from the tree between our house and the neighbors.  Probably as good a time as any for that to happen.  With the exception of the Olympics - not much good on TV - although Rich was having some problems with his news channels. 

With all the recent booking of hotels recently, we earned a couple of free $50 gift cards, so on Tuesday we met up with good friends Nick and Tonyia at the Red Lobster.

Been dark skies and rain most every day, and as we headed for Sebring the skies got very very dark and the lightening was flashing!  Pretty dark looking across Lake Jackson...............But the sun was out and we caught a decent rainbow on the way home. 

  Food was awesome at Red Lobster, and it was really nice just enjoying the atmosphere and catching up with what our friends have been up to.    Rich opted for the Create your own combination, of Garlic Grilled Scallops and Shrimp Linguine Alfredo. Nick went for the Admiral's Feast, Tonyia the Cajun Chicken Alfredo, and I had the Lobster Scampi.  And, of course, here we all are outside, saying our goodbye's. 

I got a very nice surprise phone call today...... Tonyia was heading here to Lake Placid so she made a stop to visit.  We pulled out the Mexican Train  game and she proceeded to beat my in TWO games.   Enjoyed playing and enjoyed the company. 

Hopefully, we can do this a little more often...............or maybe Bingo tomorrow???

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