Friday, January 6, 2017

Miss Ava is Back!

Thursday morning, bright and early, Nathan and Krystal dropped of our favorite canine visitor, Miss Ava.    We always enjoy having her stay with us.........she always makes us laugh.

As much as we enjoy Ava, we do wish that her stay would be under better circumstances.   However we did hear today that Krystal was out of surgery and that everything went well.  So Ava will be here for at least a week before they release Krystal.  So we need to keep her in our prayers for a speedy recovery. 

Rich and I finally got around to getting the second coat of paint on Thursday
afternoon, getting all the areas that needed to be done by brush.  Today, with the roller, Rich finished the floor.  FINALLY!   And of course little Miss Ava kept a close eye on the progress - supervisor from the other side of the slider!

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