Monday, January 16, 2017

The boathouse is DONE!

It seems like we (more Rich than me) started working on this month's ago.  Actually it probably was better than a month ago that he started pulling up, and then laying new floor boards......... This weekend we spent finishing all of the painting and installed new solar lights.  Rich took the boat next door while he did the spray painting...........

He spent a lot of time in the water!  Doing the section farthest from the shore, he had to balance on the boat lift........ or sink in the mud!

Beautiful Blue Heron stood by for a while to take everything in.... Sunday everything was dry so brought the boat back and installed the new solar lights.   Love the way it looks!    Just need to fill the flower pot, get a couple of comfy chairs, a cold drink and enjoy!

Today - a little more yard work......pulling weeds, while Rich sprayed the rest of the flower bed borders with Wet and Forget!

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