Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cooler weather/open doors, baking and cookin' out!

First off - Rich went back to the chiropractor on Tuesday.  They had received the x-ray results.  Doctor told him he had "crushed" his L4 Lumbar.  Told him that he would have known exactly when he did it, as it would have been extremely painful, and probably knocked him out.  Yes, that was a year ago!  When he and I were carrying the secretary desk through the front porch area, on our way inside!

"The lumbar spine, specifically the L4-L5 are the two lowest vertebrae in the lumbar spine, and together with the attached disc, joints, nerves and soft tissues provide a variety of functions, including supporting the upper body and allowing motion in multiple directions."

Like most men - he did not see a doctor when it happened, and as a result the pain in his back and legs has gotten much worse, and aggravated even more by all the work he has been doing outside.

He had a spinal adjustment and massage therapy on Tuesday, and has exercises to do every day and will need to continue both for a while.  Normal healing time for a bulge or protrusion is about 6 weeks.  So no working, bending, or long walks for a while!

Next adjustment is on Monday, and we both have appointments to review the results of our blood work next week.

Meanwhile - the weather!  Hurricane warnings and watches all over the state a few days ago........we were under hurricane watch for several hours - and the winds were pretty wild for a while.   Not much else - not even rain!   But with the cooler weather we were able to open doors and windows...........and on Monday we were serenaded most all day by the Whistling Ducks.  At one time, Rich counted more than 130 between the yard and the boathouse roof!

With the windows opened, I turned the oven to self clean, and then
used up the overly ripe banana to make a loaf of banana bread!  And the cooler weather, is when Rich prefers to cook out - so we threw some chicken kabobs on last night.......and they were delicious!  Today was left overs day.  Rich finished up the pork roast, and I used the leftover chicken and veggies , with a little cheese, salsa and sour cream to make a Chicken fajita Omelet!  Also delicious!

Rented out our timeshare in May this year as we will be heading to Iowa for our grand-daughter's graduation.  So we're mapping the trip and looking for places to stop along the way.  Plan on driving there and will stay with them 10 days or so, and then our plan is to visit for a few days with friends in PA, and from there back to Black Lake.

Can't believe that January is almost over -----on to February, the month of birthday's and anniversaries.

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