Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our good Friend Krystal is home......and Ava is with her Mom...

It is sooooo quiet around here, and no more early morning and late evening walks in the cold and wind!  We all had anticipated (including her doctors) that Krystal would need a minimum of a week in the hospital before she could go home.  The surgery was done on Friday, and by Sunday the physical therapy was going well, head and neck still painful, but expected, and she ate her first meal and kept it down.   Doctors initially thought they would need to remove bone from the first vertebrae, but after removing the bone from the skull, the brain was able to drop back, instead of down, without cutting from the vertebrae.   She was doing so well that the doctors released her to go home on Monday.  I got to chat with her for about 2 minutes when she and Nathan stopped to pick up Ava.  She'll be recovering for a while.

But Ava had a great time here!  She got to see her friends next door, Zolfo and Augie, and help Rich outside!  And then she'd rest!

Not much else going on..... Oh yea..........leaky faucet in the bathroom!  Took a couple of days to find ALL the leaks, but we've moved all the bathroom supplies back from the guest bath to the master bath! 

Rich did some power washing again today, the final wash on the dock.  As long as no rain in the forecast, should have the painting done and the new lights on,  within the next few days.  He also did the eaves and front of the house while he had power washer out.  

We decided NOT to book the cruise,  and Dennis called today and suggested that we stay at their place a week or two when we make the trip to Iowa...............and we booked tickets to the "legends Tribute to the Stars" at the Genesis Center here in Lake Placid in February!  Buddy and Diane will be joining us.   Considered a trip to Ft. Myers or Orlando for our anniversary.........but the price of hotels are so high!  In Ft. Myers, the hotel that we generally pay $75-$80/night now twice the price, now that all the snowbirds are back!   Probably just head to Sebring for dinner and show.

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