Sunday, January 29, 2017

A little bit of winter here in FL

Definitely getting a little bit of winter weather now.  Today it may have reached the low 60's and the next couple of nights will see the very low 40's, so time to bundle up!
Saturday was by far the nicer over the weekend.   We headed into Sebring late morning, stopping at the Sebring Diner for a late breakfast.  From there we headed into town to look at vehicles.  Getting ready to trade in the Camry for something a little bit bigger.  Want something that allows room for packing  when we go north, and that can pull the boat if we need.  After looking at several models we took a couple of brochures home for the Equinox and the Terrain, which were the two that we both liked the best. With the "deals" from the dealer, along with what we've earned on our credit card....we shouldn't have too much of an out of pocket expense, so long as we buy a new 2016 or 2017. 

Heading for home we stopped and looked at boats.  We're considering the Tracker V16, which seats four, no carpeting, 60 or 75hp motor,  trolling motor and fish finder and automatic anchors.  A lot more comfortable for fishing and enough room to take four people, which is nice.  Should we decide not to get the trailer, they will deliver to the dock, and pick up at the dock for any service or repair. 

After having a late breakfast we opted for a late dinner.  We had picked up a dozen shiners on the way home, so Rich went down to the dock to fish until dark..........and I went down just to watch and chat... in less than 45 minutes he pulled in two nice Bass and a 24 inch Dogfish, which slithered off the dock before I could grab a picture!
This weather calls for soups and stews and comfort foods, so Saturday we enjoyed a pot of Chicken Chile with cornbread.  Today was a lazy day, and a bit too nippy to enjoy doing much outside. So it was just a day of getting some of the paperwork and trip planning done. And dinner was Baked Ravioli!

On Saturday our grand-daughter Chauna and boyfriend Ryan were headed to the School Gala so Dennis sent us a photo of the two.

  We sent Good Luck to Ryan who was chosen as a King Candidate and hope they both enjoyed the evening!  

Such a handsome couple!

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