Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Time EVER with family and friends.....

On Monday, New Years Eve Day,   we headed out just before 11.00 AM to meet up with family for New Years Eve cook-out, and ringing in the new year.  Our destination would be Wesley Chapel, at the home of Pete and Kim Walters.  Kim is our son Dennis' step-sister.   We, along with Grandparents,Wayne and Kathy would be spending the night here.  Dennis, Dalton and his girlfriend Briana, and Chauna and her boyfriend Ryan would be here for festivities, but spending the night with  Grandpa, Jack Jones .  Everyone will meet back here in the morning and head to Raymond James Studio for the Outback Bowl - where we hope to see our Iowa Hawkeyes WIN!

It was about 2:00 pm when we arrived at Pete and Kim's.... Dennis and the Kids, and Jack, and his friend Mike were already there.  Wayne and Kathy arrived a short while afterward.  They have an absolutely beautiful home.  Below (top) Kim and Pete, Dennis and Kim, (Bottom) Ryan, Kathy, Jack, and behind them Wayne, Dalton and Briana,  far right is Grandma Donna, and Grandma Kathy!

Most of the afternoon was spent outside.  It was a beautiful day, and so games of corn-hole, or fishing, or just tossing the football took place in the back yard.

And when not playing - the guys were relaxing under the Pergola enjoying an afternoon beverage, or watching Pete take care of the grilling!   At the table from left to right is, Dennis, Rich,  Grandpa Jack, Mike (a family friend of Jack's) , Grandpa Wayne, and Pete.  That's Chauna, waiting to plate the meat!!

There was sooooo much food!  We enjoyed Cheeseburgers, Dogs, Chicken, Beans, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Veggie Platter, Chips, A delicious Orange Cake, and a variety of cookies and donuts.  Everything was absolutely delicious!!

The remainder of the afternoon, and until about 11:30 it was more game time...  Most were either involved in shooting pool,  or playing Mexican Train.  The second floor of their home has a huge game room with pool table, hockey, TV/with games, and one large "theater room" complete with huge screen and four recliners for movie night!  After all that food - Ryan took to a little relaxing time!

Those spending the night at Grandpa Jacks in Land 0' Lakes headed out hoping to arrive there by mid-night. Pete and Kim and the kids (Michaela and Camden), Wayne, Kathy and I stayed up to ring in the New Year.... Rich did not make it!  But it was time to get a good night's rest in preparation for Tuesday - Game Day!

The plan for Tuesday - Grandpa Jack's group would arrive back at Pete and Kim's by 9:00 AM - Everyone should be dressed in their Hawkeye Black and Gold for group pictures, and plan on being on the road to the stadium by 10:00 am.  We would be taking three vehicles with Pete in the lead, followed by Rich, followed by Dennis....Stay together so we can all park together...

Kim was up very early and had a huge breakfast prepared for everyone!! Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy... coffee..... Worked out perfectly - those of us who stayed at Kim and Pete's were pretty much finished eating, when the rest of the crew arrived....... 
Top left: Pete, Jack, Briana, Dalton.  Top right: Donna and Dennis in the front, with Briana, Dalton, Pete and Kim in the back.  That's Kim at the stove, Camden and Pete standing behind me and Rich,  Bottom left:  Chauna, Briana, Dalton with their backs to the camera... Rich at the right, and Pete and Kim and Jack in the back. Bottom right: Pete, Rich and Jack, standing. 

Right on schedule - Dennis called for group photo's of those who would be attending the game.  As you can see everyone is wearing their team colors today!!  Kiddos were first, with their pictures taken both inside AND outside... That is Camden, Dalton, Briana, Chauna and Ryan!  Bottom Left is the Grandparent group:  Wayne and Kathy, Jack, Donna and Rich.  Each grandparent, as requested, was wearing their " University of Iowa Grandparent" T-Shirt!  And last but not least the Group Photo - 12 of us ready to head to the game!
 Only about 12 minute ride to the stadium, parked side, by side, by side.... chatted with a few Hawkeye fans, took another group photo - made our way to the stadium, went through security - ( Rich got stopped twice... once because of the metal detector ( his belt!)  and again because he didn't take his hat off!!) And then we were on the escalator headed for our seats. 

Just checking things out around the stadium....watching the teams out on the field.......... and more pictures!!!!!
Dalton & Briana, all four, Ryan and Chauna

And of course, the rest of the group!!!  Love that picture of Pete and Camden!! (upper left)  and then it's those old folks - the grand-parents.  OH LOOK - another group photo ( but I think Kathy is missing)! , Dennis and Dalton,  Donna and Rich, and Wayne, Kathy and Jack!

A few shots of the billboards at the stadium Happy New Year -  The Buccaneer Ship, the Bands on the field....and I even caught the flyover.......before it was out of sight!

It was a great game....Iowa did not start out too well - falling behind, then rallied and took the lead........ We were yelling  and clapping and doing the WAVE and the I - O - W - A  ( much like the Y M C A - if you remember)  and it was almost as much fun watching Dennis as it was the game!!

Iowa Wins 27 - 22

Both of us had such a great time - we hated to see the day come to an end.  But we said our good-bye's when we got back to the vehicles, and we headed for home.  Dennis and the Kids would be staying with Jack for the night, and leaving for Iowa early in the morning.  We enjoyed meeting Briana for the first time... and  Ryan - well he's just a really nice guy, and soooo funny!  They are all just great kids...... ( won't be able to call them that very much longer!!) 

It was a long wait both trying to exit the parking lot, and then to get back on to I- 275N  to head back home. It was probably 6:30 when we were going through Sebring, so we stopped at the Sebring Diner for dinner.   I had the Chicken Fried Steak, and Rich had the burger with French Fries and Gravy.... Continued on home, unpacked the car......... We were tired and called it a day earlier than usual. 

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