Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Holiday's are over.......

It's been a pretty quite week and things are pretty much back to the norm.....  It was just a couple of days after ringing in the New Year that we started to take down the decorations, the tree and pack everything away for another year. 

The weather has been quite nice lately - especially when you can leave the windows and doors open and can hear the birds chirping!!!  The past few days we've had the sliders in back and the front door open.....

and it's so nice to see the Whistling Ducks again.......It's been a while, and we usually have dozens of the atop the boat house.......Today they split between the boat house and our neighbor's back yard.  They can be pretty loud when they all get whistling!

For the past few days, my baby brother has been going through some very very old photographs and has been sharing them with family and friends on face book!  They really do bring back some wonderful memories growing up....  Left to right top row:  My parents, Jack and Marge Benjamin, Me and brother Dave/Easter Sunday, Brothers Chuck and Mick.  Second Row: Jackie Snyder and Me in competition at the Eldridge Park Talent Parade,  My family, before David and I were born:  back row: Brothers Mick, Jim and Don.  front row:brothers Bill and Chuck, Dad, Mom, sisters Ronda and Sandy.  Bottom row: Me and brother Dave at Christmas, Sister Ronda (front), Mom, ME, and brother Chuck, and Brother Dave in back, and the last picture another Easter Sunday for brother Dave and I. 

And today would be my Dad's birthday. Born January 9, 1909.   He would be 110 years old today.

Happy Birthday in Heaven.  We love and miss you...........

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