Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day One on the Road

Seems like we have been waiting for this day for just about forever!  But June 11th is pack the car and start heading north day.  But before we start the trip, I want to send a special Thank You to my friends, Linda Bass, Margie Roche and John and Diane, or neighbors for remembering my birthday.

 It's not until tomorrow and these were all received before we had our mail forwarded!  Love the Visor Angel......A watchful eye and travel angel is always welcome.

So - on Thursday morning at 7:30 we were on our way to Black Lake.  Well - day one, we should make it to Charlotte, NC.   But not without a few DPB's, as Rich would say.  And our first DPB (Donna's Potty Break) was at 10 minutes of  9 and we were only as far as Haines City, FL.  By 9:00 am we were heading east on I-4 and then started heading north on I-95.    About 2:00 we passed into GA and made another DPB at the Welcome Center.    Must have been talking too much - I missed the Welcome to SC Sign!!!   Did get a couple of pictures along the way.......nothing real exciting - but I always like the signs that tell me where I'm going and the landscape and lakes, etc. along the way.  The picture below captures some of that including the St. James River  before we left FL, Jacksonville,, South Brunswick, Turtle and Savanna Rivers.

Before we were out of SC, we stopped at the Flying J  just after 5:00 for gas and decided to grab our dinner right there at Denny's.   You could tell Rich was getting tired of all the driving - he had a real hard time finding the SKIP button!!   Silly, I know - and you'll have to ask Rich to explain.    We both selected the fish and chips, which came with garlic bread and broccoli.  It was really excellent!

Next stop was at the Roadway Inn University Area in Charlotte, but not before working our way through a pretty long back up of traffic...........But we finally arrived about 6:30.  Hotel was clean and beds were comfy, and the price was right for just one night.  It was early to bed for sure.  Need a good night's rest before we head out early tomorrow morning.

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