Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rainy and Chilly - But Pretty Good Fishing

Can't believe that two weeks have gone by already. The weather here has been a lot different than last year; a bit colder and very very windy.  Between Monday and Friday we were only able to get out 3 days because of the weather.   Monday the wind was perfect for drifting and we caught 34 fish (Rich 12, Donna 22).   From that we only had about 7 keepers between the crappie and the perch.  Crappie must be 9 inches to keep - and we had a lot just under the 9 inches!  

Strong winds and storms came in Monday night and lasted into Tuesday - so no fishing.  We had winds between 18-21 mpr all day!   But both Monday and Tuesday folks were out at the fire ring.  Finally got some pics.  With the exception of the two guys (bottom right) we met the rest of these folks here last year.  Top( Bill and Linda), Bill, Me, Monica and Paul.  (from Mountain Top, PA), Mike and Bill, Rich taking care of the fired, and brothers from the Philadelphia area, Rob and Chris.

Temps were down in the 50's over night and Wednesday was another "no fishing" day.  Sun was out in the afternoon and  when the rainbow came out, new friends,  Paul and Arlene, ( also from PA), and their daughter came for a quick visit and to grab a picture of the rainbow.  

On Thursday Linda was making a trip to Ogdensburg to get Lobster for Bill, so I rode a long and picked up more groceries.  Rich headed for the bait shop

We went out for a couple of hours that evening, and caught 35 fish and then fished Friday evening and only go 10!  Mostly perch and crappie, but Rich finally got a nice Small Mouth Bass about 16" long.

We headed out Friday evening to the Tavern Inn in Edwardsville, which is only 3-4 miles up the road.  When we walked in, Bill and Linda and Gary and Karen were sitting at the bar waiting for dinner.  They had come to invite us to join them - but we were out fishing!  A few minutes later Paul and Arlene are at the other end of the bar, So we sat at the bar with them and ordered. We had been warned that the food was great, but the service was very slow.  We waited 58 minutes for our food!  It was excellent.  Rich got the Tavern 3/4 lb burger with mushrooms (ugh!) and I got the Fish Fry.  HUGE - both of them.  Rich finished his, and some of my fries, and a little of my fish, and I still had enough of both to take home for lunch another day!

Friday night most everyone was out at the fire, and with the exception of Bill and Linda, everyone would be leaving Saturday morning.  I was finally able to get a picture of Gary and Karen , and that is Matt ( Paul and Monica's son) with the guitar. We exchanged contact information and said our goodbyes, wishing everyone well and hoping to see them all again next year.    Rich and I and Rob and Chris were the last to leave and that was around 11:00

All new folks will be arriving on Saturday - so hopefully we meet more nice folks around the campfire!

TOTAL FISH COUNT TO DATE:  161 with Rich in the lead 84-77

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