Thursday, June 18, 2015

Settling In......

It was a pretty cool day on Sunday and also very windy, with rain later in the afternoon.  Did not pack a cooler to bring, so if we wanted anything to eat I really had to make a trip to the grocery store.  The nearest place to buy groceries is either North to Ogdensburg, where there is a Walmart ( not a Super Walmart) and Price Chopper, or to head south to Alexandria Bay, where there is a Big M.  I forgot the alarm clock, and our two Tervis glasses that we always use, so I decided to go to Ogdensburg.  Made  a stop at Walmart and got a cheap alarm clock for $5.88 and then went to Price Chopper ( really nice store - great deli, bakery, meat and produce).   $175.00 later, I headed back to the camp.

Rich had been busy getting the table and grill set up, covering the seats on the table and getting all the poles ready for fishing....

We threw some kielbasa on the grill, threw them on a hot dog roll.........and that was dinner!   And then the rain ..........and probably the most exciting thing of the day was watching the duck down by the lake!

It rained most all night and was still raining Monday morning, so made a quick trip to the post office. Early afternoon the rain had stopped so we headed out to fish for the first time!  It was still cool enough for long pants and a sweat shirt and Bill was out getting his boat ready to head out too.

Only fished for an hour an a half.   Still pretty hazy/foggy but beautiful weather for fishing.  We headed across the lake to  "The Pimple" and settled in for a while.  Not much luck, but I did catch my first fish!  The bottom left of the photo is the area on the lake known as "The Pimple", and if you look real hard at the bottom right you will see my big catch - a very very small perch. 

 Headed back to the camp where Rich checked out what was happening in the market.  Plans were to head back out again around 4:00, so I made up a tuna noodle casserole so we didn't have to wait forever to eat when we came back. 

A little better luck later in the day.   This time we headed for Tin Island and then drifted between that and Raspberry Island.   I caught 2 more perch ( not much bigger than the first) and Rich caught 3 perch and 4 crappie.    His first catch was a perch even smaller than mine! But he did get a really nice crappie which was the only keeper of the day.   Very nice, over 10 inches.  Crappie have to be 9 inches here in order to keep - so that was the only keeper.  Threw him back.  He caught another perch and 3 more crappie.

So - it was a fun day.  Fish count to-date is 10,    with Rich in the lead with 7

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