Monday, June 22, 2015

The Weekend,,,,,,,,,More People and More Fun

 Saturday is check-in/check-out day, and this Saturday was a busy one.  There were not too many people here yet, but some of the people that we met here last year arrived on Saturday. Linda ( Bill's wife) came in Friday afternoon, and on Saturday Paul and Monica, from down near Wilkes/Barre, PA arrived, as did a group of about 5 guys, here to fish for a week. (Saturday was also the first day of Bass Season here in NY).  Recognized a couple of the guys; they stayed in the other side of the duplex when Dennis was here last year.  A couple of biker couples in cottage across from us ( met them - but don't remember names), and three other guys in the cottage next to us.

Bill came by one day with a big ice cream cone - so we headed about 1/2 mile up the road to another camp where they have a nice little putt-putt course and a very nice concession stand with soft and hard ice cream, sundaes, shakes etc, and burgers, dogs, chicken, fries and more...........   Rich got his favorite - Black Raspberry Cone, and I got a dish of my favorite - Butter Pecan.

Probably should take Son and family here one night for a little golf and dessert!

Rain and wind seem to continue to be the norm these days and Saturday and Sunday were no different.   I spent the day cooking potatoes and eggs for salad and cutting chicken and veggies for kabobs.  They were delicious!  We didn't go out until about 6:00 on Saturday and caught 17 fish ( sunny, perch, crappie), but not that were keepers.  They were hitting pretty good, and we could have caught more - but it was getting too dark, so we needed to head in.

 On Sunday Rich got his Father's Day cookie and a couple of milk/white chocolate bars, and Dennis called  to wish him Happy Father's Day. ( Always the highlight of the day)  We headed out just after 11:00 on Sunday and caught 25 fish!  But this time we caught 3 perch and 3 crappie that were big enough to bring back and fillet.  Again - could have caught more, for sure, but this time a thunder storm was getting very close so we had no choice but to head for camp.

Everyone hoped the rain would not last long, because a campfire was planned for Sunday night.  There were about 12-15 of us around the fire until almost 10:00, when once again there was thunder and lightening and we scattered to our camps.  Storm did not last long and many of them went back to the fire.  Rich went back until a little after 11:00 - I went to bed!  Fun and friendly group.

So - by the end of the weekend our Fish Count To Date reached 82, with Rich in the lead 48-34.  But I still have the biggest!

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