Monday, June 29, 2015

A Weekend of Good and Bad

Saturday was a beautiful day; a little overcast with winds at 4-8 mpr, making for a perfect afternoon for fishing.   We pulled out at 11:00 am and fished for 4 hours.

Fishing was good today.  We pulled in 49 fish, but only 7 that were keepers.  Well we could have kept a few more of the perch, but decided to just keep the bigger ones.  Rich got another nice small mouth bass today a little over 15 inches, so not quite big enough to keep  He also got a nice Crappie that measured 12 inches.  That's more like the ones we catch at home!  I got a real nice perch, almost 14 inches.  And of course - Rich continues to try and catch that smallest fish of the trip......and below is picture of his smallest catch (maybe 2 inches?) of the day

We would have fished longer, but we had plans for dinner at 5:00 and Rich had a good hour of cleaning the fish.  So we headed in a bout 3:00 pm.  Everyone who left on Saturday, gave the leftovers in their fridge to Bill - so Bill had us and Dean and Cherri over for dinner.   Hot dogs, sauerkraut, venison burgers, a pork dish with potatoes and green beans and marinated venison on the grill!  Everything was delicious.  We sat outside until well after dark before calling it a night.

The forecast for Sunday was for rain, wind and colder temperatures, so we knew that there would be no fishing that day.  Rich and I and Dean and Cherri were invited back to Bill and Linda's Sunday for Brunch.  Link and Bulk sausage and home made waffles!! (Sausage was more gifts from the departing campers!)

This pictures shows the new cabin we found on Bigge Island on Saturday and the waves and white caps on the Lake on Sunday - that looked more like the ocean!

No one was out on Sunday, the heat was on and the doors all closed.  Everyone trying to keep warm.  The only thing we did all day was to take a trip into Ogdensburg to try and find a some jigs for fishing, and to get some more "goodies".  For those of you who call me the "polar bear" - I was in sweats and socks and wrapped in an afghan most of the day!

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