Sunday, January 17, 2016

The beginning of a three day weekend.

You would think, that once retired weekends wouldn't matter, that everyday was a weekend day, since you didn't have to work.  Well that may be so - but Rich still likes to spend his days with the Stock Market. Monday is Martin Luther King day, and the markets will be closed so we will have a three day weekend.

Took our weekly trip up to Sebring this afternoon.  First stop was Walmart to buy a gun cleaning kit and some ammo for Rich's new Ruger 9mm pistol.   His new holster arrived a few days ago.

Next stop was Home Depot, where we had to pick up a couple of 10 foot pieces of treated lumber for the dock, a quick stop for gas ( down to $1.89 !) and then off to Lakeshore Mall.

No shopping today though - but we did indulge in a small dish of ice cream since we had a little  time to spare before the movie started.

With the Senior Rate, the cost was just over $12 for the two of us since it was before 4:30.  We saw the movie 13 Hours which is a story about the Benghazi attacks  that took place back in 2012. Mixed feelings/opinions on the movie.   I thought it was a powerful movie, and it had me in tears. Rich was not as impressed me,  saying it was not what he had expected.  I will just say that I would believe the events as relayed by the survivors  of that day, and the words of the parents of those brave men that died that day, long before the story provided to America by our then Secretary of Sate, Hillary Clinton. The movie is presented as a True Story.

By the time we pulled out of the parking lot it was 7:00pm, and we were hungry
and after discussing several options for dinner we agreed on Denny's. The temperature was dropping and it was a little chilly in the restaurant, so we both opted for a hot cup of decaf coffee.  Rich enjoyed the Bourbon Bacon Burger and fries, and I had the Bourbon Chicken Skillet.  Both were very good.   Back on the road and home about 8:45.

We don't do dinner and movie very often, so today was a nice treat!

Forecast is cool  for tonight, down in the 60's, and only getting up to the low 70's on Sunday.  And the rain chance tonight and tomorrow is over 60% . Not looking too good for much activity outside!

We also received very good news from our New York friends, Dean and Cherie.  They are moving to Florida the first of February.  Cherie has been suffering with liver cancer, and has been told that she should be able to have her transplant within the next couple of months.  We, and all her friends, have been praying every day for her to get this good news.

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  1. Enjoying catching up here! I really love your new camera. It takes great pictures. Hoping we don't get too much more rain in the next few days!