Monday, January 4, 2016

Celebrating the New Year

New Year's Day plans were temporarily postponed...Buddy had come down with a stomach virus, so our get together was moved to Sunday,  January 3rd.    Despite the cold and rainy weather we had a wonderful day.

It rained from the time we left home  for about an hour, until just a few miles from Nathan and Krystal's place.   As we pulled into the drive, we spotted Nathan, out in the rain (sprinkles) with the smoker going....  He was smoking the chicken and pork for our dinner.  Inside Krystal, Buddy, Diane and our little Miss Ava gave us a warm welcome.

I just love what they have done with their home.  Krystal has a special talent for color combinations and the house is just so bright, cheerful and welcoming.  And since our last visit that have had new hardwood floors laid.........and they look beautiful!   Nathan was in an out cooking the meat and vegetables, and  fortunately the rain had at least slowed to a drizzle or sprinkle.    He had smoked and then grilled the chicken and pork for fajitas.  Dinner was delicious!  I had brought a small tin of cookies and fudge and Krystal had made a huge Red Velvet Cake for dessert.

The guys and girls kind of split after dinner and just enjoyed chatting and catching up.  Krystal shared the scrap book she had finished from their recent cruise with the family.  Absolutely outstanding photos!   It was dark by the time we all headed for home, and Krystal gave Rich some cake to take home!   Generally we only get together with these two couples once/month.  But we will be seeing them again on Saturday night for dinner and a show!

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