Sunday, January 10, 2016

A slow week, but a fun Saturday

Nothing exciting going on this week.
I have no idea how or why, but my back has really been bothering me.  I had a few bad days a week or so ago, and then all the pain was just gone!  This week the pain was in the lower back, even into my butt, and hip area.  More of an ache, hurt to move, type of pain.  I would also get some of the same in my left shoulder and left side of my neck.  And some sharper pains higher in my back - somewhat like gas pains.   When the pain had subsided, significantly one night, I asked Rich to take a short walk with me.  Only made it a short distance down the block when the lower back and hips were really we headed back.   Friday and today have been much better.

Rich is still trying to find someone to come and look at the motor.  Either we don't get a return call, or they need to pull the boat out of the water to work on it - which means getting the boat to the ramp.  Not an easy task.

We made a trip into Sebring Tuesday,  to the gun shop to pick up his new Ruger  ( had that three day waiting period!) and today he is searching the net for a holster. Also stopped at the government office to get his concealed carry permit and get fingerprinted, while I went to  the Supervisor of Elections office to change my party affiliation from Independent to Republican so I am eligible to vote in the Florida Primary in March.

Rich had some minnows left and went out on the dock one day this week for a couple of hours.  Only thing he caught was a small pickerel!  And of course his friend, the White Ibis was right there on the dock all the while.  Rich did throw him a dead minnow!!  Another bird we have not seen yet this winter is the Wood Stork.  I think they are so pretty.  But while Rich was fishing one did land in the yard, and Saturday, while we were sitting on the lanai, he flew in and perched on the deck for quite a while.  Love bird watching..........

Saturday evening we met up again with Buddy and Diane.  They had invited us  along with Nathan and Krystal to join them at the Panda Restaurant in Wauchula.  The second Tuesday of each month you can get the buffet dinner and a 2 hour show with an Elvis impersonator, and another who does Johnny Cash songs.  All for $20 per person.  Sadly, Krystal was not feeling well - so we missed her and Nathan.   Too bad, because even though this was not the most professionally done show - it was quite entertaining and the food was not too bad.

 There were two guys who did the show; one who always does Elvis and the other, who normally does Johnny Cash - but tonight did a variety.....  The Elvis impersonator is really not too bad.  While he doesn't move those hips quite as much - he does have a nice voice that most of time really sounds like Elvis.  The second guy - well, not a very good voice, and out of pitch most of the time.  BUT he really was funny.  Diane says " it's like watching a comedy show"!  They do interact with the audience, with teddy bears, and scarves.....and to celebrate Elvis's birthday it was goodie bags, scarves, kisses for the ladies, raffles and birthday cake!

We arrived around 6:00 for dinner and the show started at 7:00. It was close to 9:30 when the show was over and Diane and I finished getting or pictures taken with the performers.  From the pictures below - you can tell it was a night of great company and lots of fun and laughter.  

Pretty late night for us!    Have to start checking things out, nothing specific scheduled until our Comedy night in March!   We do need to get in touch with our friends, the clowns, and our friends from PA that should be arriving here in FL any day now.

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