Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Begins with "Change of Plans"

Happy New Year......  Plans for New Year's Day were to meet up with Buddy and Diane and Nathan and Krystal.  Because they missed our last monthly get-together, they invited us over for our choice of either Grilled Pizza, or Homemade Fajitas.  Rich and I had enjoyed both of these, so Buddy and Diane selected the Fajitas!  Great Choice!   After some discussion, everyone agreed on getting together New Year's Day at the Showalter's.

Change of plans!   Buddy called early to say that he was down with a stomach virus!  After a few e-mails/phone calls, plans were changed to meet, same time, same place on Sunday.

Change of plans!  So now........

WHAT'S FOR DINNER?  Well we still had some left over Ham, and a dish of left over goulash!

So we decided to use one of our Christmas Gifts; one of the gift cards to Golden Corral.   Parking lot was full, and the restaurant very very busy, but today everythng was hot and fresh.  As usual - we both ate too much.  It was a quite night, just wathing a movie we had recorded.

And it was a good day to take down all the Holiday decorations and store them for another year.  Task completed.

On Friday we also made a trip to the bait shop for minnows.  The weather forecast for Saturday was mostly cloudy with highs in the upper 60's.  This would be our first time out in the boat since we returned from NY in August!  Rich had filled the gas tank, cleaned the boat and made sure everything was working several weeks ago.

Before the sun was up on Saturday morning, the thermos was filled with coffee and we were ready to head out.  Weather was perfect!

Change of Plans!!!!!          Would you believe, the motor would not start???? Tried and tried - but it just would not turn over.   So Rich got the poles out and fished off the dock for a while.  He did catch a small bass, but that was it.  And, as is always the case, that same White Ibis found his way to the dock, knowing that if one of those minnows was dead, he'd get a treat.....And he did!

So far.........we are still on schedule for Dinner at the Showalter's  on Sunday. 

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