Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rain and Cold............

Well, we are finally seeing some real winter weather here in FL.  And while some will complain ( like Rich), for me it's a welcome change.   And besides, it's here and gone almost before we know it!    But it has kept both of us pretty much inside this last week/week-end.  Rich has hibernated because of the cold, while I, on the other hand have just not felt up to much activity.  Been having some nasty lower back pain.  May be arthritis, but I really don't think so.  It is not so much an ache as more painful, primarily when I attempt to stand from a sitting position, or bend forward from a sitting position.   Thinking of a trip to the chiropractor might be in order.

So needless to say, my only time outside this week was Friday - grocery shopping day!    And Friday we had some pretty wicked winds,  and lots of rain.

These kind of days call for some comfort food - something that takes the chill off.

We enjoyed some hot oatmeal one morning, and I made a big pot of Chicken Chili, which was good for a couple of nights.

On Saturday afternoon, Rich took a trip over to the gun/shooting range in Sebring to do a little target practice with his new 9mm Ruger. It was his first time shooting this gun.

He says: "I first shot from 7 yards and the other half from 14 to 15 yards.  After the first few shots, I aimed and shot rapid fire for the next six shots, to empty the clip each time.  I also took a few head shots during rapid fire and missed the head once. (wouldn't try head shots if it were for real).  It's going to take me longer than I thought to get used to it."

Looks like some pretty good shooting to me!

And while he was out shooting,  I began to prepare a brand new recipe that I recently found.  "Angela's Awesome Enchiladas".

I've made fajitas several times, as well as baked burritos, but this was my first attempt at  enchiladas.   This was the first that I've used anything but "chunks or strips" of chicken, as the recipe called for shredded chicken. It was my first time shredding my cooked chicken myself!

The only change I made to the recipe was to add some Hot Salsa to the meat mixture, since we both like a little "kick" to our Mexican food.

This recipe is a keeper for sure.  They were very good!

I still have some of the shredded chicken left over......

Think I might mix up some chicken salad for lunch.   Then go watch the Australian Open.

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