Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Fun Night with Friends!

Rich headed out as usual today for his morning pickleball. Knowing that he would not be playing this afternoon, since rain was in the forecast, and we were heading out with friends for the evening, he played for about 4 1/2 hours!! I think the wet clothes are still drying out in the garage!

I didn't play this morning but left around 6:00 am for about a three mile walk around the area before the sun came out and the humidity increased to about 100%.

And yes - the rains came early and unlike the typical Florida afternoon shower it stormed and stormed and rained miserably well into the evening. We were looking forward to having dinner with friends at Gator Joes tonight, but the weather not only would make for some miserable driving, it would also not allow us to enjoy the atmosphere of what is supposed to be a Key West Style restaurant where outdoor dining on the lake is recommended.
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Mo called just before 5:00 and suggested that with the bad weather we change our plans and dine locally. Since Greenie was driving - he had Kathy had no problem with the change of plans. So we all headed for Giovianni's Italian Restaurant. Jeanne, had some serious dental work done today, spending about five hours in the dental chair. A good dose of Tylenol with Codine allowed her to enjoy dinner and friends tonight. We had been here before with Mo and Jeanne, so we knew the food would be great. As you can tell from the picture above we were all enjoying our menu choices. Rich - Linguini with Meatballs, and I had the Ziti. Greeni chose the baked speghetti and Kathy the Ravioli. Mo and Jeanne shared a pizza and an Antipasta Salad that was big enough for all six if us!! Add the garlic knots, a glass of wine, a little laughter and great conversation and we all forgot about our anticipated trip to Gator Joes.

Mo and Jeanne invited all of us back to their home for coffee and dessert. Rich is with us remember, so by now all of you reading this should have guessed what dessert would be even before you looked at the pictures. Yes we enjoyed the coffee and eclairs and everyone laughed as Rich decided to finish the last one instead of taking it home!!

The ladies remained at the table for some "girl talk" while the guys took to the living room and the BIG screen TV to watch the US Open Match with Federer. The instructor in Mo took over for a while as he put the match in slow motion and showed everyone Federer's perfect form and how perfectly he keeps his eye on the ball until after it leaves his paddle. (Whoops! - I mean racquet - this is Tennis - not pickleball!)

It was a wonderful evening with friends. We also want to thank Greenie and Kathy for the lovely gifts. They gave Rich and I each a Pickleball Mug, one with a key ring and sunscreen, the other with a key ring and anti-bacterial hand gel. Both perfect for clipping on the pickleball bag! Not sure why we got the gifts. I gues it's "Just Because". And those are always the most appreciated.
Gator Joes next week?

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