Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Linda K meets TV (The Villages)

On Tuesday, Linda Kramer, who is Rich's mixed doubles partner arrived for a short visit. Obviously - our primary objective was to make sure Linda got to play pickleball as much and as often as she wanted, and then to show her around the area, feed her well, have a little wine, introduce her to some new people - you know - make sure she had an enjoyable stay.

She arrived before noon - and by 1:00, she and Rich headed for El Santiago where they enjoyed a few good hours of fun and competitive play. When they returned, I had to laugh - Linda looked like she had just stepped out of the shower! The light blue shirt had turned to midnight blue! She'll kill me for sharing this photo but.....

Having shed the wet clothes - it was time to wet the wistle with a cold brew. Both she and Rich grabbed a Bud Light and headed for the front porch - to relax and wind down.

We had an early dinner - I had made some stuffed shells with meatballs and sausage, along with a Ceaser Salad and warm bread - so we ate in that night.

Linda and I headed out after dinner for a tour of TV - stopping first at Spanish Springs Town Center. There was a very slight sprinke of rain so the crowd was not real big, but enough to make us park a little distance from the center. Then we headed down Morse Blvd for Sumter Landing Town Center. By this time, what little sprinke there had been, had stopped, and their was definately a bigger crowd around the square, enjoying the music and dancing. It was market night at the Square - so all the vedors had their tables out. We headed back up Buena Vista, and took a brief ride through some more residential areas and then I showed her the Pimlico Rec Center courts where she and Rich would be playing on Wednesday morning, before we headed back home.

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So off they went to Pimlico Rec Center on Wednesday morning. While they went there, I took off to play at Churchill Street where I played some great games with the crew for couple of hours or better. I had for-warned Rich and Linda that I had the camera, and would be back over to Pimlico to catch some pictures of them on the court. I knew that Coach Mo was coming over to work with the two of them, critique their play... I missed them both playing, but got there in time to catch Linda's private lessons with Coach Mo. Linda - I hope you enjoy these picturs - Check out that form folks - I think she's got it!! Linda said Mo left her with some great drills to work on. Between that and the Pickleball Clinics DVD - she's all set to go back to Tanglewood and practice, practice, practice!

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