Friday, September 25, 2009

A Visit from Gary Ball, and Dinner with Greenie and Kathy

Last week it was the mixed doubles partner visiting for a few days. This week, on Wednesday, Rich's doubles partner, Gary Ball, drove up to get in a little competitive play here at The Villages.

Gary met Rich at the Lake Miona Rec Center before 7:30, where they played and played, and played until nearly 11:30. Soaking wet and dripping from head to toe, they both entered the house quickly and made their way immediately to the showers!!

After several cold drinks and a lunch, they relaxed for a few minutes - continuing to dissect each game they played that morning. By 1:00 they were gone again, heading this time for El Santiago to meet up with the LaHacienda players.

By about 2:30, and once again carrying about 10 extra pounds of wet clothing - they arrived back at the house. Back to the showers and more cold drinks.......Relax a little bit..........and then Gary left for his drive back to Sun City Center. They got in a lot of good play.
See you at the Tampa Bay Games - Gary - and surely in Sun City Center this winter.

The next day was back to the dermatologist for me - yes the thumb is finally healing. Two more weeks or so of the medication was recommeded. Finally!

Later that day we were meeting Greenie and Kathy for dinner. We wanted to get together with them once more before we left.

So we headed back down to the Spanish Springs town square. We thought about taking the golf cart, bacause it wasn't that far, but it had been raining on and off during the day, so we opted for the car. As we pulled into the square the people were starting to gather around the center where the music for the evening was already underway, and people were out dancing. It wasn't a big crowd, but you would have thought that half the community was there, as we tried to find a parking spot. Can't imagine this place in the winter when all the snow-birds are back.

Tonight we were dining at Toojays. "TOOJAY'S GOURMET DELI began as a modest New York style delicatessen on the Island of Palm Beach in the spring of 1981. Originators Jay Brown and Mark Jay Katzenberg used the common portion of both of their names to derive the moniker TooJay's Gourmet Deli. Over the years, we have garnered over fifty Reader's Choice "Best Of" awards and pride ourselves on quality, presentation, and friendly service in a casual and lively atmosphere. TooJay's 27 restaurants are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, to-go, delivery and catering."

You have to pass this fabulous deli display on your way to the dining area. Even more than what you see in your typical NY Deli. At the far end - which I wish I had taken a picture of- was a fresh piece of Salmon - that had to be about 2 ft long! Amazing

And what gormet deli doesn't have an array of delicious desserts. Everything imaginable - brownies, cookies, muffins and yes.......even chocolate eclairs! Believe it or not - dinner was so good and so filling, that we all passed dessert. The menu is so great that they give you TWO! One is their signature salads, deli sandwitches, burgers, soups......and the other is your dinner menu complete with your favorite 'comfort foods.". Kathy and Rich enjoyed the homemade post roast with mushroom gravy - Greenie opted for the Shepherds Pie, and I had the stuffed Chicken Breast. They serve the very best rye bread with dinner. All the plates were clean when the waitress removed them from the table.

Outside - it was tough saying goodbye. One last picture in front of the restaurant. We have so much enjoyed meeting Kathy and enjoying the company of both of them during our visit. We all promised to stay in touch. Greenie and Kathy promised to stop by and see us whenever in the area, and we will definately touch base with them this winter when we stop in Clermont. Thanks guys............for the great time. We'll miss you.

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