Monday, September 7, 2009

Pickleball Jamboree at Kings Point

We had debated on whether or not to drive two hours early on Saturday morning to attend the annual Labor Day Pickleball Jamboree at Kings Point in Sun City Center. We're glad we did. I don't remember exactly how many people Louann said had registered, but I think it was somewhere around 45. She planned a four game round robin where everyone recorded their results. You stayed with your partner through the round robin. The top teams played off inthe medal match. Rich partnered up with a couple of the new players and I team up with Mary, one of the ladies from Kings Point who was in need of a partner. There were some very good players who traveled from Kissimmee, which is up near Orlando, and from Ft. Myers. It was great to see some of the people that we usually only see at the Senior Games.

Enjoy the pictures

That's Robert on the left, Rich and Mike checking out the schedule to see when and who they play.

Rich, with Tom - one of his partners for the day. That's Mary in the back. She's the lady that I partnered with today.

These ladies drove all the way from Ft. Myers today. It was the first time that we met the lady on the left.........and I can't remember her "real" name. Throughout the day everyone called her Patti. In the center is Sherron and that's Sara on the right. Those of you who do tournament play have seen these two playing both doubles and singles play in all the Senior Games.

Virgina and Connie, both from Kings Point partnered for the day. Virginai and her husband used to do a lot of RV'ing and they asked about Travis Weaver today. They said to tell you HELLO! Also said their RV days are pretty much over.
Another woman's doubles team that you see at all the tournaments. This is Cindy Eddleman and Nancy Meyer, both USAPA Ambassadors from Ft.Lauderdale. We wish them luck in the Nationals in Arizona this year!! These two took first place today in the woman's doubles. Nancy and her mixed doubles partner Irv, from Kings Point took first place in the Mixed.

That's Gary Ball in the Blue Shirt, playing today with Artie. Gary and Rich usually play together, and he will be playing with Rich in most of the Senior Games this year. Since we didn't make up our mind to go until very late, Gary had already found another partner for the day. Gary and Sherron in the picture above played together in the mixed doubles.

Now I don't know who all these people are. In the front is Clyde and Don. The are from the Sun City Pickleball Club and this is the group that came complete with signs and pom poms to cheer them on. What a great group!
I can't believe I really got this shot! Usually when I try to get a picture of Rich on the court I'm about 3 seconds too late and catch him just standing there. His partner in the game was Dino.

Margie Diaz!! Wha a riot she is. I know that all you pickleball tournament players know Maria. Her regular partner is Cathy Miller, but Cathy couldn't make it today. I told her I didn't recognize here without her PINK Shirt!! Today she came with three other players, Sylvia, Steve and Bob, from Solavita which is in Poincianne, up near Orlando.

Sylvia (not in picture) and Maria challenge Nadine (back left) and Louann. Undoubtably a great game. They are all in the same age group, so often end up playing against each other at the Seniror Games events. It was great to see Louann playing today... But I'm sure she was very very tired at the end of the day between playing and having to keep the event moving along.

Here is Louann's husband Tony, in the orange hat, playing with Robert. Tony and Louann recently purchased a small we hope to meet up with them along the road one day. Maybe we can get them over to TT Orlando or Peace River this winter.

Sara Yager (from Ft.Myers) sent me these two pictures. I loved the comment she sent along with tham......
"Probably a few folks had left, but we gathered the rest for a group shot. I could not get everyone into one shot so you could still tell who they are. Others were taking photos, so you may get some better ones... Photographing a group of sweaty folks wearing hats and squinting into the sun is always hard... " Let's see how many we know:

Back Row: Left to right. Nancy, Irv, Steve, Sylvia, Tony, Robert and Gary.

Front Row: Left to right. Bob, Margie, Mary, Nadine, Louann's granddaugher, Asia, and Louann

Second half of the picture:
Back Row: Gary, Don, Patti, Ron, Ellen, (?), Clyde, Shirley, (?)
Front Row: Louann, Cindy, Sherron, (?)

Thanks SARA!!
The weather was wicked - the event was GREAT!

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