Sunday, January 3, 2010

Braving the Cold - For another Happy Hour!

Only about a dozen of us brave souls ventured out on this cold winter night for happy hour with Jack and Diane. Diane, definately the queen of happy hours - would not miss one, or miss planning one despite the weather. Tonight Jack Frost was definately nipping at our noses!

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Everyone was dressed for the weather, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and even blankets. People started arriving by 4:00. Jack already had the campfire going, but most everyone stopped to catch the video playing on the PC. Buddy had set up his video camera the day of the tournament and had downloaded it to his PC. We were able to watch the whole tournament; he didn't miss one game. We would let each other know when they were "on camera" so they could make their way over to watch. Great Idea Buddy - Great Entertainment for this Chilly Night! Before the night was over though, everyone had made their way to the campfire to get warm.
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Top row: Jack, Abe and Buddy, Rich and Diane (definately making a fashion statement here! But it was a tie for color coordination between Diane and Buddy), Rich, Nathan, Crystal, Austin and Sherrie with her back to the camera. (Yes - Austin is wearing SHORTS!!). Bottom row:
Crystal and Rich ( have you noticed that Rich is in almost every picture where there is fire??), Tom and Karen, (they're leaving in the morning - but we'll see them again in about 3 weeks.) and Sherrie, Abe and Diane (Yes - Sherrie is wrapping herself in the blanket for warmth!
The temperature was dropping fast. Supposed to get down to the low 30's tonight. It was well on it's way there when we headed for home...........and heat!

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