Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pickleball-Hot Dogs and Line Dancing at Torrey Oaks

It has been sooooooooooo cold here in Florida for the past week with temperatures running better than 20 degrees colder than normal. Last night the temperature dropped to about 28 degrees here in Wauchula. Oh - how we wish there was someplace to play pickleball inside!!

But Jean and Stan and Sally had invited all the players from Peace River over to Torrey Oaks today. They could not have picked a better day. The temperature was actually supposed to reach 60 before the day was over, but we've already been warned to prepare for the next artic blast.

We arrived just after 9:30 and there were a few people already out on the courts playing.

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Here are some pictures of some of the group playing. We were introduced to everyone at Torrey Oaks, but we'll need that introduction a few more times before we remember all the names. Top: (Torrey Oaks player with Rich), Jean and Tracy. Center: Jean and Austin, Rich and Buddy. Bottom: Torrey Oaks player with Buddy, Ken and Stan.

Click on picture to enlarge - use back arrow to return to this page: Top: Cis and Sally, Torrey Oaks player with Buddy and Cis and Rich on far court, with Jean and Tracy on front court. Center: Sally and Sally!!!!, Nathan and Krystal. Bottom:Rich and Torrey Oaks player, Buddy and Jean.
When we first arrived we had eight people on the courts playing and seven paddles lined up to play. As you can see - several more people arrived to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and good friends and we now had eight people on the courts and 14 people waiting to play.

Click on picture to enlarge - use back arrow to return to this page: Here we are waiting to paly. Let me tell you - the sun was shining, and everyone eventually shed some of the outer layers of clothing, but those stone seats were COLD!!!!! As you can see, a few people were smart enough to bring along a blanket to sit on. Probably the most surprising of the day was to see Rich out! He got a lot of ribbing about his recent hibernation, and even more when he shed the sweat pants and showed up in shorts.

The management at Torrey Oaks always treats their guests well. Following the pickelball play we all met in the courtyard where Garrett had just finished grilling hot dogs for everyone. Onion, relish, cheese and chili along with the regular condiments for the dogs, along with chips. Sally passed around a large dish of cookes for dessert.

The day was not over yet. Faye was having a line dancing class this afternoon, so Krystal, Sherry, Tracy and her daughter and I told Faye we'd be back for her class this afternoon.

Posted by PicasaWhat a Hoot!!! We had a great time. Sherry and Krystal had not done line dancing before, but you would never have known. They were picking it up quickly and really doing great. That's Sherry in the grey t-shirt and sweat pants, and Krystal is the little one in the back row with the orange top. That's Tracy in the shorts next to Sherry and Sally in the back row. Cis is in the bottom picture to the far left. Faye is an excellent instructor. We had a great time.
A quick stop at Walmat to make sure we had everything we needed for tomorrow's happy hour and we were back in time for dinner.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Been watching your weather woes on TV. We are seeing 73-75F during the day and mid 40sF at night, so not too bad I guess. Better keep those sweats on for a bit anyway. Looks like we picked a nice winter to come west.