Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching up with the Family......

We spoke with Dennis and the family over the Holidays - and everyone is doing great. Everyone keeping busy with sports or other activities and trying to stay warm with the frigid weather. Got and e-mail from Chauna a few days ago and it's that time of year again when she's out selling Girl Scout Cookies. We received new school pictures of the grandkids for Christmas - and loved them! Dennis is always putting pictures out on FaceBook - so I knew if I went there I'd find some pictures we hadn't seen yet.

This is Dennis with our grandson Dalton - taken while attending a Braves/Cardinals game. Obviously - this was taken before winter ............but love this picture of the two of them. A little more recent picture - before the snow began to fall!!! This is a picture of the football team, that Dennis coaches. They call themselves the Lil Red Team.......That's Dennis in the center in the back row, and Dalton is in the second row, second from the left. Dennis loves coaching - so winter is football with the kids, and summer is baseball.

Like most places this winter the weather seems to be a regular topic of discussion. These pictures were taken at home or close to home in Davenport Iowa. Check out the temperature on the thermometer!! One degree.............This was a day to celebrate after all the below zero days!! Denny you need to transfer that job to Florida!!!


  1. Wow, 1 degree F in Davenport, Iowa, unbelivable, and so much snow. Nice to see your grandson is also into sports. Nice photos.

  2. Yes Donna, ya caught me again. I know I'm bad about sending them directly...Sorry again. We do check your page often too. We miss and love you guys and glad your enjoying life! Yes, we do need to come to FL. xoxo