Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rich does his first 2010 Skills Clinic

Despite the record low temperatures here in Florida the pickleball players are on the courts every morning between 8:30 and 9:00. Today was no exception. Everyone was dressed warmly in their long pants and sweat shirts - but the sun came out and we played until after 11:00 am. Rich had scheduled a skills clinic for today at 1:30 PM (since the 50 degree weather today was the warmest forecast for the next week!!!) So everyone took a quick break from the courts to grab a bite to eat before returning to see what they could learn to improve their game.

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Top: Rich addresses the group and demonstrates how to properly hold the paddle. Center: The group practices their soft game with dinks and offensive lobs from the non volley line. Bottom: Rich works with the group on the ready position at the net, before they practice the volley.

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Top Row: Karen , Jack and Eddy. Center: Crystal, Dave and Sherrie. Bottom: Barbara and Abe. The gengleman in the last picture was new to to park today - and I can't remember his name.

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Top row: Nathan, Jack (again) and Christie. Bottom: Sherrie, Faye and Diane.

Posing for a group shot: Behind Rich in the front row: Diane, Sherrie, Barbara, Kim, Christie, Karen, Crystal and Faye. In the back row: Jack, Abe, Eddie, Mike, (new guy), Nathan and Dave.

After the clinic everyone stuck around to play a few games. Except for a lunch break, most of this group were on the courts at 8:30 this morning. This clinic ended about 3:15. Rich and I had retuned to the RV by a little after four - and some were still out playing!

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