Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Night Happy Hour at Torrey Oaks

Tonitght Rich and I along with Jack and Diane, Jim and Tracy, Abe and Sherry and Lee and Judy were invited over to Torrey Oaks to join, Stan and Sally, Ken and Faye and Joe and Cis for their Friday night happy hour.
What a really gret evening. Jim and Tracy have only been back in Peace River for a few days and Lee and Judy just pulled in today. Unfortunately Abe and Sherry are leaving in the mornign to go back to PA. We just met them this year and have really enjoyed their company. Hopefully we'll catch up with them in PA this summer.
Happy Hour started at 5:30, but most of us had arrived before then. Everyone brought a dish/snack to pass along with their own drinks for the evening. The music was good tonight and everyone enjoyed the company, the conversation, the food and the dancing. .
We missed Buddy and Brenda and Nathan, Crystal and Austin tonigh!!!!
Click on the pictures below to enlarge and enjoy the evening with all of us!
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Early in the evening - A lot of group pictures.
Everyone is starting to loosen up - sing with th music and take to the dance floor.
We are all really getting into the music!!! It was a great evening and 9:00 PM when we arrived back home. Time flies when you're having fun!

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  1. It looks like great fun. We were sad to miss it! We decided to sneak down to Camping World in Ft Myers while it was a bit warmer and not raining like it is today. Thank you SO much for the pictures you sent!