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New Year's Eve 2009

What a Great New Year's Eve. The morning started out with our Pickleball Round Robin, and it was after 11:00 when we finished and headed back to the RV. We knew we were in store for a late night so we planned an afternoon "nap". We finished showers and a few chores, but as much as we tried, neither of us could manage manage to doze off for a little shut eye. Oh' well........
To celebrate New Year's Eve, they roped off a large section of the parking lot, set up tables and chairs and had Bobby Mack as the entertainment for the evening. He plays a variety of music, sings and does a great job of getting the crowd out of their chairs and enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Festivities were to begin at 8:00. After the tournament this morning, we all said we'd look for each other and the celebration tonight.
Buddy called a little later in the afternoon, and invited everyone to park their chairs at his place. Buddy's site is adjacent to and in perfect view of the parking lot where the entertainment and dancing would be taking place. So a bunch of us met up there. Rich and I have not stayed awake until midnight in several years, so when we took off for Buddy's around 7:30, without a nap, we were certain, that by no later than 10:00 we would be back home ready to call it a night.
Everyone brought along some snacks or goodies for the night. Here's Jack and Diane dropping off their egg rolls and dips and Diane mixing her first drink of the evening. There was a great variety of food - mini-franks, meatballs, spinich dip, chili bean dip and chips, crackers and cheese, cookies, candy, cake - and more that I'm sure I've forgotten. Everyone brought their beverage of choice.

Like any evening get together - everyone mixes and mingles. That's our host, Brenda in the center , making the rounds and stopping to chat with friends.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening to celebrate outside. The weather was comfortable. But if you got a bit of a chill, you cold meet up with friends by the campfire. Here's Travis, Dave and Rich doing just that.

While most everyone was in long pants and jackets - it's obvious Buddy was not ready for the warmth of the campfire yet! Which is hard to believe - because he's even worse than Rich. I'm surprised that the two of them don't have the long pants and hooded sweatshirts on!

Here is Travis and Deedy, along with her grandson. Travis was pacing earlier in the evening, as Deedy was late in arriving - But waring their New Year's attire they are ready to ring in the new year.
Tom and Karen also stopped by, but unfortunately Tom's knees were bothering him a lot and they only stayed for a short while. But it was the anniversary and Karen wanted us to help celebrate. She broght along a huge bottle of champaigne and cups for everyone. (Sorry - I can't believe I didn't get their picture)

Now - remember I said earlier that we would probably be calling it a night by 10:00? Well - time sure does fly when you're having fun. It must be after 10:00 now - and all eyes have taken to the sky. Did ya'll see that moon tonight? There was a huge white ring around it. And here is Dick holding Dot tightly as she bends backward to snap a picture of the sight.....

Posted by Picasa's not a bird, or superman or even fireworks!! Eveyone else looks up to catch a glimps of the moon.

As the evening moved on the music got better and better. Bobby Mack got the crowd on the floor several times doing the "chicken dance" the electric slide or the macarana and the one that goes something like -"you put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey!!!!!
An when we didn't feel like walking over to the dance floor - we just danced around the campfire! There's Barbara, keeping to the beat! Susan, and husband Dave are enjoying the dance. Rich - well he appears to still be looking at the moon!!!
And for those of you who don't know Diane - The lady NEVER stops moving to the music!!!
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !!!!!
Yes - we made it!!
Happy New Year

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