Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Cold Was It Last Night!

Rv'ers from the North are beginning to wonder if they made a wrong turn! I mean this is Florida, the Sunshine State, where snowbirds flock to enjoy their winters. Well, last night came with more freeze warnings and the temperatures once again plunged into the 20's. Posted by Picasa

This picture was taken at about 9:20 this morning after temperatures had warmed up to the 40's. The motor home parked directly across from us ran out of propane during the night. Without an electric heater in the rig the only warmth was from the electric blanket cranked to HIGH! The owner was SURE he had enough propane to last the night. This morning he unhooked to go get the propane, when his slide would not come in. On the roof he went and proceeded to remove this ice from the top of the slider. Some of these pieces were better than an inch thick!!!


  1. Better warm up before we get there xxx LOL

  2. I am in the west coast and came across your blog and can't believe Florida can be so cold. I thought Florida is always warm. When I tell my pickleball friends tomorrow that your temperature was 20 degrees, they won't believe it. By the way, I enjoyed your pictures and stories of RV living, interesting.