Sunday, February 2, 2014


Like many communities here in Florida, there is much more activity during the winter season when all the snow-birds come south.  Here in Placid Lakes it's no different.  While located on beautiful Lake June, many of the homes are only occupied during the winter months.  So from October through March there are a lot more activities as well.  One of them is Bunco, which I learned to play and came to enjoy while staying in The Villages.  Unlike The Villages however,  Bunco is only played here every month or so.

I went back in December and really enjoy it.  Met a lot of ladies from the neighborhood.  In January, Tonyia came over and joined me.  At the January games, they passed around a sign up sheet for February 1st, and both Tonyia and I signed up.  There are only a certain number of tables available, but I called a couple of days before to see if there might be room for a couple more.  I was thinking of asking Krystal, and Tonyia was going to ask Carla............NO ROOM.  However when we arrived yesterday, one person did not show up......

We had 34 players. Everyone brings a finger food/dessert to share.  As you can see above, we had a bigh variety of food, and it was delicious.  Same for the desserts, There were so many!! These ladies are great bakers.  We each took home $15 for most Buncos!  SEVEN 

Not sure when the next one is, but I do hope they have one more before the snowbirds head north. 

Not long  after getting home from Bunco, Nick called to see if we wanted to join them for dinner.  Our plans were to head to Sebring, to Lowes, to pick up some more wood for our family room project.    So we said we would meet them at the Palm Diner.  Bob and Carla had just come in from fishing, so they met us at the Diner.   We had never been there before and enjoyed it very much.  With all the good food at Bucno - I had to settle for just a small chicken wrap and a glass of iced tea.  Everyone else had dinner.....Chicken, Ribs, Steak or Pasta.....and it looked delicious.   Will definitely come back. 

It was a beautiful evening - so we dined outside.  Tonyia got this picture of the sunset.  Beautiful!

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