Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Congrats - Chauna and the Show Choir. Soon to tour in Florida!

 On Saturday Dennis and the family took a rad trip to the Keokuk High School where they cheered on Chauna as she performed with the Davenport West High School Choirs.  Below are some pictures that Dennis was able to get of what looked like a really fun and entertaining performance.

 Dennis reports:  Congratulations to DWHS Falcons.  Chauna's team "This Just In" prep took 2nd place.  "West Connection" took 1st runner up, Best Band and Best Choreography!  AWESOME!

We understand that her group may be making it's way to Orlando, FL to perform/compete soon.. We're just waiting to hear when~

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  1. Yes it was Awesome and she has so much fun. They are both coming to Orlando weekend of 15 Mar and schedule is due out NLT 4 Mar. I'm trying to get it sooner but they are making final coordination and updates. Will send as soon as we get it. :) Love y'all!